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Rick Perry booed for his endorsement

Boos erupted Thursday at the Texas Republican Convention when Gov. Rick Perry repeated his support for U.S. Senate candidate David Dewhurst

Ron Paul Speech Texas

Ron Paul speech at Texas State Convention

Friday, July 20, 2012

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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

India's credit may be downgraded

India had a marginal growth over the past year of only .1%.  The expectation was that it would be closer to 1.7%, but as you see it is no where near that.  What is the result of this risk?  The CENTRAL BANK will have to do some exciting new things to try to boost economy. 

Here we go again another country that will be downgraded and a central bank will try to save them.   As we know a central group of people have all the knowledge to fix our issues and save the economy.  I'm willing to bet they'll try to print a lot of money to boost the economy for it to not do anything and create more issues.

Polar Bear Breaks Protective Glass with Rock

The Middle Class on Foodstamps during the Recession

A couple in Morris county NJ went from making six figures to making $18,000 a year.  According to local news stories they had to stop making payments on their house and almost all the children 15 and up have jobs.  This area of NJ is known for its expensive houses, and it is estimated any income under $60,000 a year is too low to live in this area.

That being said it shouldn't be this rough on people.  If the government wasn't dragging this recessions out while "trying to keep us afloat" we would have hit bottom already.  We could of then worked on coming out of the recessions.  This temporarily propping us up is harming the average person while lining someone's pocket.  We can't move forward until this happens I feel deeply in my heart.  History has shown that allowing bottom to be hit will cut the pain to a shorter time frame, or we could allow the government to prop us up and hoover right above bottom.  Businesses need to be allowed to fail for poor decisions, and this will lead to the ingenuity of new businesses.  Look at Ford they refused a bailout, but they're doing great now.  Why?  They took their mistakes and learned from them.  They didn't have billion dollar checks to ride on, but instead they had motivation to reinvent themselves.  I applaud them for that.

Radiation in airports; is it safe?

 There are multiple studies testing the effects of radiation from airport security scanners.  The biggest argument is that it is far less than radiation from mammograms or other medical procedures.  I have yet to hear anyone quantify this issue though.  It may be less, but what about the frequent flyers that fly multiple times a week?  You don't go to the doctor daily for an x-ray, so I don't feel its a fair comparison.  The argument also is that it is below the legal level you are allowed, but just because you're allowed so much radiation should you get it? 

So, in short we are basically scanned naked and given levels of radiation that are unnecessary once again for our "safety".  I don't know about most people, but I work hard and pay me taxes.  I try to help charities, but anytime I want to travel I'm treated like a threat.  It deeply saddens me the direction things are going.


Monday, June 11, 2012

Homeland Security Bought too many Drones

The Department of Homeland Security bought so many drones they don't know what to do with them.  They don't have a plan to keep all these drones in the sky and utilize them properly.  This is amazing considering how close to bankruptcy the United States is.  This would be like me not having enough money to buy groceries, but I'll go out and buy 100 toys, but being one person I can't play with 100 at a time.  I can't believe their isn't more of an uproar or coverage of this.  This is millions of dollars that could of been saved, but instead someone wanted to make a large number of drones.  I'm assuming they had this request for their own benefit, but I can't be certain of that.  Now the tax payer is stuck with a large number of expensive drones that can't be used.  I'm so glad i decided to make that investment.. Aren't you?


Drone Crashes in Maryland...

A US Drone crashes in Maryland..  So it begins with the testing of drones.  The drone was going through a test flight and crashed 80 miles outside Washington DC.  This is not the first time a drone has crashed while testing or anything else, so we will have thousands of these things flying around soon.  People accept this because it makes them safer.  What happens if next time it crashes into a house?  What if it crashes into a school?  Will people still feel safe?  The flight is currently under investigation to find out what happened, but I'm afraid when thousands of these are patrolling our skies.  Now we have to worry that one may crash while we're sleeping.  I know statistically it's probably not likely, but is it worth it for our "safety"?

Let us know your comments.


Radiation Alert 6/7/2012

Congress stuck on student interest rates

Congress is stuck on the student loan interest debate.  This is the problem with the government owning everything.  The lenders should be allowed to set the interest rates.  Now the success of people going to college is riding on our government who is almost bankrupt.  Even if they wanted to keep interest rates low the government has no money.  So either all tax payers will lose money or student loan cost will go up.  Isn't it great when the government gets involved in things?

How do you feel this issue should be resolved?  My thoughts are the government should get out of it, so it can go through a correction.  It will suck for a year or two, but this issue won't occur again.

More information here

New members of congress means unqualified?

Here we go the media is now portraying the new members of congress as being unqualified.  The below article mentions how many new members with little political experience are being voted into the house and senate, and this means that things won't pass easily because they don't know how to play the game.  People will read this article thinking maybe we should vote a few who know how to play the game in to keep the congress flowing.

I think that is a load of **** to say you need political experience to be in congress. We need people with values and logic to be in there not ones who will bend.  There is a political game that has to occur to get anything passed, but you don't need to be a life long politician to know that.  You have to give to get, or nothing will get done.  The question is what are willing to give?  You can't be willing to give giant leaps to gain a little, and you shouldn't be expected to.  I think the thought process of this article is absurd. The original congress was founded by great men who knew the value of freedom.  They fought against each other to achieve this.  I would rather NOTHING pass due to disagreement than everyone bend and add 1000 earmarks to get a half baked bill pass.  The American people deserve this.  We elect people to fight for us and not cave for their own agenda or to play politics.



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