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Saturday, June 9, 2012

Texas State Convention Updates

As I try to find verified information.

4:30PM Eastern
15 Paul delegates so far and more to come
District Caucuses in session

4:39 Easter
Robert Armstrong elected National Committeeman.

Borah Van Dormalen, unopposed, reelected as RNC National Committeewoman.

4:48 Eastern
District caucuses are done.  Not sure how long until votes are tallied.

Break until 4:30 central.

5:43 Eastern
They can't agree on some delegate counts.. Idea is they're Paul delegates no proof yet.
Delegate Breakdown

6:07 eastern
  Delayed again until 6:30  then they'll finally announce them they say.

I'm working on finding delegates.  They just read names no clue how many are Paul yet.

  Still trying to figure out the number, but according to people inside looks like a good % are Paul supporters

Awaiting a count on how many are paul. It seemed as though it would be a lot based on standing ovation during his speech and what I read, but no one can confirm.

Not confirmed but 3 Paul supporters elected to rules committee..  Important roles!

Per request of Texas lead no delegates counts will be released.


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